Why you don’t need Instagram on your Nokia Lumia?

Nokia Inc. has an extraordinary come back to the Smartphone industry with their Lumia series, agree?

The users who have tried it, they do not have any reason to say NO to the question!

The Smartphone series “Lumia” is tremendous in looks and functionality, what your views on it?

The Lumia series helped Nokia Inc. to gain their market share back to a good extent till now.

I definitely see a lucrative market for them, and have used a couple of Smartphones from Nokia Lumia series. Are you interested to know the models?

Oh yes! They are 520, 720 and 820 – all the smartphones are rocking with brilliant functionality.The promising brand of Nokia Lumia has many exciting offers in the long run for their users.


Instagram app for Nokia Lumia

Though, currently nokia lacks with some apps on their store, which may hurt their customers.

Unfortunately, or fortunately there are few apps which are still missing from the app store, which made people hesitant to buy Nokia Lumia.

Many of my friends asked me about an Instagram app for Nokia Lumia, and mostly were expecting me to say NO!

The interesting point is my answer was an affirmative!

My friend asked me from where you found that I searched the whole app store and did not find any, well its simple you need a good observation ;)

The app substitutes Instagram in Nokia Lumia is #2instawithlove which is a crazy app for sure, but we have a third party app to operate Instagram as well.

An Instagram app for your Nokia Lumia is “Instance”  and no doubt the functionality and processing with all the utilities is simply the same.

You need the same username and password, and just login to enjoy your Instagram with Instance.


Follow me on Instagram “bloggerumer

Isn’t it amazing?

I hope you found this article useful, please mention the difficulties you are facing with related to apps for your Nokia Lumia, we will solve them after discussing the officials.

Leave your queries and comments below!


Profile on Instagram





timeline on Instagram


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  1. chaitanya

    I plan to buy a lumia 720 as it fits my budget perfectly and i liked d elegant n single form body its got with many other things to speak about..i wanted to know whethr it’l be worth a buy??

    • Umer Hafeez

      Yes Chaitanya, it is awesome get it and enjoy the amazing Lumia!

  2. yogesh pant

    Nokia had announced to have its smartphones based on the windows platform.
    In my opinion, Nokia and android would have been a better combination. There are many applications in the android market and which I wish I would use on a nokia phone!

    • Umer Hafeez

      Yes people expecting it! Lets see..gmail is a big issue for me still

  3. Sabrina

    So can I have contact with my friends on instagram through this?

    • Umer Hafeez

      Yes Sabrina, you definitely have!

      Which Lumia phone you are using?

  4. injesozynen

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  5. Melony

    I am loving the fact that the writer responds to the queries <3

    I wanted to know, can I create an instagram account with this app or does it need someone who already has an account? (I use the Lumia 520)

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